Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunrise Photography

After the sunset photography earlier in the week, I was keen to head out with Lee to try another sunrise at a local spot (the last time I tried involved a very early and very long trip to Miranda and resulted in a very poor sunrise!).

The weather overnight was looking dubious, but with the wind, we figured there was a good chance it would all blow over during the night. So, alarms were set and an early night was had.

At 5am... I woke to the sounds of heavy rain.... Luckily it was just a shower, so since we were up, we decided to chance our luck and go have a look anyway.

Unfortunately the weather and sun didn't come out to play, but I still got some nice shots in the early morning light.

Set the camera on Av f7.1 initially and f/11 later. Iso was in the range of 100 - 400. Exposure times were very long....

The Sea Scouts who camped there overnight must certainly be some hardy souls with all the heavy rain we had overnight.....