Sunday, 4 May 2014

May Madness

Sunday is here again. I'm sure the weeks and weekends are getting faster!

For now, we have decided to stick to one game for a month rather than change each weekend (the downside of having too many games!). We're hoping this will help us remember the rules for quicker and better games! :)

First up is Malifaux... I'll also be sticking with the exact same crew for the month to get the hang of them. This is the crew I'll run:

Resurrectionists Crew - 35 Soulstones

Seamus -- 3 SS Pool
 +Red Chapel Killer [1]
 +Sinister Reputation [1]
 +Unnerving Aura [1]

Copycat Killer [3]
Madame Sybelle [8]
 +Bleeding Tongue [1]
Nurse [5]
Rotten Belle [5]
Rotten Belle [5]
Rotten Belle [5]

"Seamus watched quietly from the shadows as the Ten Thunders crew moved across the open field. They looked confident about their ability to deal with Pandora... how dear she try and force them out of their own territory! Seamus knew better though.... especially as the Ten Thunders split their forces. A sly grin appeared on Seamus' face....  excellent he thought. There will be plenty of corpses today....."

Mark and Rob played first. Ten Thunders (not sure on crew make-up - Mark may post it later... hint hint) vs. Pandora.

If I recall correctly, Rob had:

2 Beckoners (masquerading as Nurses)
3 Sorrows (pretending to be Terror Tots)
1 Poltergeist

We just focused on having a general beat 'em game to re-get the hang of the rules. Here's a few pics of the game....

Unfortunately Mark ended up having to send a couple of units in alone and they found themselves surrounded by Neverborn. I could feel his pain as the Sorrows slowly added on the damage every time he failed a WP duel..... eventually he conceded the game, although may have been a closer result game than I thought (I was distracted as the game ended....).

"Seamus looked on gleefully as the corspes piled up and the Ten Thunders ran. He could sense Pandora was worn from the battle. A glint appeared in his eye as he realised the oppourtunity. So, as Pandora moved away, Seamus commanded one of his Belle's to follow them. He had some corpses to check out first.... Pandora would be next."

Rob and I would play next. Just another beat 'em up and we got the deployment a little wrong. Should have been playing on a 3' by 3' table, but played on a 4' x 3' by mistake, so we started a little too far apart.

I kept my Belles, Sybelle and Seamus together, whilst the Nurse and Copycat Killer would head off down the opposite flank. I knew I would have break Rob's crew up to try and avoid the damage piling up from the Sorrows abilities..... things started well as the Belle's seductively lured a Beckoner towards them. She didn't last long.... a couple of well placed shots saw to that. Rob was suddenly nervous of Seamus and the Copycat.... their flintlocks hurt!

Pandora headed into the forest for cover and the next few turns were spent by both of us luring and isolating various crew members to try and knock them off. Once the Neverborn got close, I was left with no choice but to sacrifice a few models as they started to take damage. I didn't think Seamus would mind.... The Nurse ended up going toe to toe with a Sorrow, but after poisoning it, she just moved away to let it die.

My general tactic with this force is to use the Belle's lure to pull forward enemy crew members and then use Sybelle or Seamus as the heavy hitters to finish them off. It seemed to work well in this game.

Soon, just Pandora was left and she was bleeding. Bleeding bad. At Seamus' behest the Belle's moved in and Seamus himself moved up.... 

"Seamus looked Pandora in the eyes. Hatred burned in them, but as he raised his flintlock he saw the flash of fear that crossed them. He smiled and pulled the trigger. As the smoke cleared, Pandora lay dead. Today had been a good day."