Friday, 10 April 2015

Omaka Classic Fighters - Day 3

Saturday. The first of the full show days.

We arrived at the aerodrome (a.k.a the dust bowl) early to grab some good seats in the gold pass stand and then it was off for a wander to grab some shots in the early morning light.

Conditions got somewhat harder across the day as high winds resulted in some of the aircraft being unable to fly. The dry summer meant the dust levels were high, so that combined with the wind made for a fun day. My hayfever/sinus didn't really enjoy it much at all.

Still, the show had lots to offer and I started clicking away.

As I am just focusing on each day, there may be some similar shots here that were posted in my previous post. As much as possible I'm trying to avoid this or look for different angles, but generally I'm just picking out the photos I like from each day.

Also, as per yesterday's post, I am playing around with a few of them to either convert to black & white, create a vintage look or try and use the overcast conditions for a bit of a moody look.

Hope you enjoy.

Brakes on....

One of the static V-1's being attacked!

BOOM! I missed the fiery explosion though..

Remember those dry and windy conditions I mentioned earlier... whoopsie....

And that was another day done.

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