Saturday, 25 April 2015


Today is ANZAC Day.

100 years ago today our troops landed in on the shores of a little known place called Gallipoli in what would become a disaster. A place of heroism, but so full of futility. It is a place that really forged us as a nation. It is our day of remembrance with our mates across the ditch in Australia.

Today was a little different for me... Lee had been asked by the Auckland War Memorial Museum to do some photography for them over the course the day. I managed to tag along.... my first official event as an actual "photographer"! Thanks for getting me in Lee! :)

We were up and off just before 4:30am this morning to take part in the Dawn Service and then photograph the museum's events. I think we left around 2:30pm...!!

It was a quite a challenge in the dark and then in the low light of the museum, even with the awesome ISO levels that my 7D mk2 is quite comfortable with! I found the shutter speed was still dropping very low even when the ISO cranked up to 16,000. I could have used a tripod, but I was having to capture people.... and people tend to move around which means low shutter speeds result in blurring.

The brief for the museum was to capture the events being held inside with a focus on family & kids engaging with the museums various displays. Even with the challenging conditions, I think I did okay. I haven't posted many that meet the brief here, I'll leave them for the museum.

I've tried a few different things, both in taking the photos and post processing. I think some photos could have more time spent on them, but I'm curious to see what people think as they are now. There are definitely a few that I need to have a look at creating a black & white and leaving some coloured items in them.. Maybe later though....  I'm tired and I think its almost bedtime, but I wanted to post some photos today.


Lest we forget.


  1. Great post Will, Some great shots .

  2. Fantastic photo's Will, what a great way to get your first "proper" photography job!

    1. Thanks Paul. It was a great way to start and was great that it was something that I have a strong interest in.