Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Omaka Classic Fighters - Arrival

I'm back and slowly working through a few photos from a great Easter weekend away down in Marlborough.

Great company, great show, lots of photos, beer and a bit of wine :)

All in all a fantastic time.

I've been trying to figure out the best way to blog about the trip, but in particular, about the Classic Fighters 2015 show. The easiest is just going to be a day by day account.

So prepare yourself for some long photo heavy blog posts!

Today's will be small though as I work through picking out the photos to post from each show day.

Thursday was day 1 and it was arrival day.

Time to get ourselves orientated by finding all the vineyards... :)

Here's how it started...

A late lunch at a very nice and relaxed winery.

The Moa brewery just happened to be down the road...

Heaven! Until we did the tasting and got stitched up with a couple of tastings of sour beers. No thank you. Still the others were pretty good. 

And coming from a rather large bottling plant, I did like watching the little single head filler at work...

Next stop more wine... more tastings. It's a hard life.

The Wither Hills cellar room smelled so nice. The wine was good too.

Then it was onto chocolate. Something I was less interested in, but Lee and Rob seemed a little more keen...

After that it was back to the accommodation to get ourselves organised and then off to the Dodson St beer garden for more beers and dinner (recommended if you are ever in Blenheim!).

Stay tuned. More to follow soon :)