Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Final Day

Something pretty different photography wise on the final day of our trip to Blenheim.

A late flight out of Blenheim meant we had some spare time during the day to explore a bit further.

First up was this - a walk around the Wairau Lagoons.

As it was an overcast morning, the flat featureless marsh looked pretty desolate.

Made for some moody photos in the early morning light. I've left them looking dark and cold....

The walk takes you out to the wreck of the SS Waverley. The only feature in this barren-less landscape.

We'd hoped to see a little more wildlife, but either we had the time or tide wrong as there wasn't a lot around. Suffice to say that not long after leaving the SS Waverley, the walk got a little less interesting and I was happy it didn't take long to complete.

And Hawks still continue to tease us, as a nice shot remains as elusive as the Hawks themselves.

Finally, a quick trip up to Cloudy Bay (Rarangi end) rounded off the day before a quick bite to eat and a flight back home.

The sun was setting on the flight home, but as I didn't have the window seat, Lee took a couple of photos for me :)

So, 16,177 shots later (deleted down to 6,094) and a few days off work to relax and work through them all has yielded some pretty good results. Overall I'm pretty happy.

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